Mood, style, beauty and emotion are consistently captured and are integral to all wedding photography by Bridal Photo.

A desire to provide our clients with no less than the best photography is at the core of Bridal Photo’s philosophy. Bridal Photo enjoys a solid reputation for being a dynamic wedding photography studio in Melbourne and our clients enjoy the professionalism and care that everyone craves.

Based in Melbourne and photographing in a reportage style, the crafted wedding images take on an individual personality; this provides a refreshing contemporary approach to wedding photography. Creative flair combined with a relaxed, non intrusive approach enables the photographers to produce a detailed visual commentary of your day. 

We take wedding photography in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Mornington Pennisula and all other regions.


Our Belief

 It is paramount for wedding photographers to understand & acknowledge the various aspects that are specific to each and every wedding. This enables us to capture the highlighted moments of a wedding ceremony with precision, timing and meaning whilst demonstrating photographic etiquette.